Our trips are deposit-free for individuals, couples & small groups:families. Payment can be made on the day in cash (preferred) or by card (to be arranged in advance). Karlos Excursions reserves the right to request a deposit for large groups, or in special circumstances.


Karlos Excursions reserves the right to postpone or cancel the trip if

  • The weather conditions make it dangerous to venture at sea. In that case, you will be informed at the earliest possible- in some cases, it may be on the day itself, considering the unpredictability of sea and weather conditions.
  • For group trips: if we do not have the minimum number of people for the trip. In that case, we will do our best to inform you the earliest possible. There is still the possibility to do a half day exclusive trip or an alternative trip in case you do not have any other days.

For the above reasons, we highly recommend that trips are booked for the earliest date possible during your holidays.

Cancellation by Clients

We trust that our clients will honour their engagement once they book their trip. No deposit is normally required for our mixed group trip or trips involving small groups. However, depending on the conditions agreed upon for private trips, Karlos reserves the right to request a deposit.
We understand that sometimes, things do not go as planned and that you may have to postpone or cancel. Kindly inform as soon as possible so that we may plan accordingly.

Rates for children & babies

Children and babies count as one passenger on the boat according to the Mauritian laws. The price for children (3 to 12 years) will depend on the number of children booked per family and their ages. For babies (0 to 2 years), it is free of charge for one baby per couple or booking, the management will inform you accordingly.

Respect Marine environment

  • Do not touch the dolphins or any other fish and be careful not to touch or step our corals while snorkeling for your safety and also to protect the remaining corals.
  • Do not remove any corals or starfish from the sea
  • As far as possible, use reef-safe sunscreen. Some compounds in many sunscreens can harm the corals. If needed, apply sunscreen at least 10-15 min before going in the water so that the lotion absorbs into your skin.


  • Listen and act according to directives given by the Skippers all the time that you will be on board
  • Everyone must wear life jackets outside the lagoon
  • Swimming with dolphins Is not recommended if you are not good swimmers; and if you have medical conditions such as Heart & Cardiovascular diseases, hypertension or hypotension, epilepsy and any other conditions or medical treatment which may cause loss of consciousness or paralysis, since it is done outside the lagoon and there may be strong currents. Moreover, the dolphins are in their natural environment and often swim quickly. In special circumstances, the Skipper may advise not to swim with dolphins, for example when dolphins are found in rough areas of the sea; too far in the ocean, or if jellyfish are seen.

Game Fishing

Although our team & partners have many years of experience in the field, we cannot guarantee that you will catch fish. The catches remain for the boat Captain, who will, if you wish, give you some or a piece for your own consumption.

Third party liability

Our boats are all insured to cover our guests in case of injury on the boats. Although our Staff/partners take extreme care to avoid any incident while our guests clients are in the water and on Bénitiers Island, Karlos Excursions and partners are not liable for any such incidents. In case of an accident, our team will make sure the guest reaches the nearest health care centre as soon as possible.

More details will be sent via email or WhatsApp.

We invite you to contact us should you require any additional information.

Our team looks forward to welcome you on board!