About Us

Karlos was one of the first licensed tourist Boat Operators in Mauritius. In 1988, he started organizing boat services and folkloric picnics on Ile aux Bénitiers,
in the South West of Mauritius. Our difference resides in our passion for sharing the Mauritian cultural heritage with Sega performance and music;
comfortable set up on Bénitiers Island in the picturesque Le Morne scenery; and our commitment to the protection of Bénitiers Island.


Karlos is the founder and Director of Karlos Excursions. On a daily basis, he personally meets guests on the RIU & ST Regis hotels on Le Morne beaches to promote boat services, while also welcoming guests from all regions for excursions. Over the past 35 years, he has organised excursions on a regular basis for small groups, mixed or in private; and has also for several private big groups of up to 200 people. Karlos shares his time between his passions: his work and social activism, with a special interest in dispossession of land; preservation of the coastal areas; and contributed to the recognition of Le Morne Mountain as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Karlos is also the President of the Association of professional fishermen and pleasure Crafts Operators and secretary of the Federation of Pleasure Craft operators, specially advocating for the protection of the small operators and the good functioning of activities at sea.


Virginia, Karlos’s daughter, has grown up in the sea tourism industry, going on excursions from a very young age. Virginia handles the online bookings and is working on business development and continuous improvements at all levels. Virginia’s travel experience has given her more insights in travellers’ needs. She has visited France, Italy, England, Madagascar, Lesotho, South Africa, Namibia, Chad, Rodrigues island and Reunion island. At Karlos Excursions, Virginia finds every aspect of her job at Karlos Excursions stimulating in different ways. She loves communicating with guests be it online or face to face and feeling that she has been able to help them. She enjoys planning & implementing improvements. What she loves above all, though she cannot do it often, is sharing & witnessing the guests’ enjoyment of the excursion and dreams come true.


Jordas, also started on Bénitiers island, alternating between excursions and fishing Octopus during low season. From a very early age, he has learned to play Sega with the Ravanne- traditional Mauritian instrument. Certified food handler, Jordas has learned alongside experienced hotel cooks, previously working with Karlos. 

What he loves about his job? Preparing food and seeing that guests enjoy it. He also enjoys playing the Ravanne with his colleagues, while guests dance along.


Surd, dancer and waitress, learned dancing sega through observation and practise. She started her career with Karlos, while also dancing in hotels or night events and stewarding in hotels. What she loves about her job? demonstrating how to dance our local dance and seeing guests master the skills. During her free-time, Surd enjoys playing Board games and picnicking on the public beaches with her family and friends.


Bénitiers Island, with Karlos, was where he started his career as a Musician. For Judex, the island is a school where learned and continues to learn from musicians from all over the world.

Judex counts 36 years of experience has professional musician, alternating between playing in luxurious hotels (10 years) and on the beach of Benitiers island either with Karlos or as a freelancer. What he loves about his job with Karlos? The relaxed setting where he can interact freely with guests, which is very different from the hotel setting where the approach is different. Interacting with new people at every excursion is enriching. Memorable experiences: playing for celebrities and only realising after they give him their albums. 

Judex really passionate about music and enjoys continuously learning new pieces: during most of his free time, he surfs for music online and practices on his guitar.


Marty is also a self-taught Sega dancer. Like her sister, Surd, she started work with Karlos and as a freelancer in in hotels and events. What she loves about her job? Working in a family-like atmosphere on the beach and showing how to dance Sega. Marty also enjoys spending time with her family on the beach.


Our main Skippers, Tommy, Jean Yves, Bernard, Mackenzie & Ricardo all have more than 20 years experience at sea. They have been working with us for several years and have helped to maintain our reputation. Born and bred by the sea, the South West has no secret for them. In addition to these guys, we also occasionally have other brilliant freelance Skippers who will be happy to show you one of the most scenic coastal regions of Mauritius!